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then and now Rossman apiaries offices

“Wow” how time flies. It seems as if it was only yesterday that I sat here at this computer and pecked out a “Welcome” note to all our friends and neighbors across this beautiful country. Now after 30 years of doing this, I am attempting to do it again.

Sitting here brings back many memories, some good, some not so good, but all in all the joys of keeping bees have been a great enjoyment to me and I would not trade that experience for anything. I love the outside and although I do not hunt or fish, I can find plenty to do in the outdoors.

In 1934, my father started keeping bees and this business has grown from that point. Above you can see where we started and where we have come. It has been a family tradition to expand our friendships wherever we may go and leave a little “Southern Hospitality” along the way. Hopefully, our paths have crossed and we could extend that welcome to you personally! As I said in the beginning, time flies when you enjoy the things you do.

Ann and I always enjoy visiting with friends and customers we have made over the years. Your satisfaction is of the upmost concern to us and really matters the most. With that in mind, you can count on us for the finest quality, personal service, and attention to details that you have come to expect from Rossman Apiaries. That’s our promise!

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