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Dear Friends,
This year marks Rossman Apiaries 85th year of serving the beekeeping industry! We have provided queens and package bees to beekeepers across America during that time and also Canada until the border closure in the 80’s. For over 30 years, we have produced and provided fine cypress beekeeping equipment and now offer a full line of beekeeping supplies. It is our goal for the next 85 years to maintain the same quality products and prompt service that has kept us making beekeepers happy for the past 85 years.

The beekeeping industry is constantly changing, growing and throwing out new obstacles for us all. This year has definitely offered a multitude of changes for the beekeeping industry. Some of these changes have left many beekeepers looking for new reliable sources for their supply needs. It’s our ability to adapt to the needs of the beekeeper, while still offering quality goods and great service that has allowed us to develop long lasting relationships with our customers. It’s our hope to offer our products and services to as many new beekeeping friends as possible this year. We’re excited to help make 2019 your best year in beekeeping ever!!

We wish each one of you a very prosperous year in all of your beekeeping ventures and hope that God continues to bless us all with the ability to keep doing our part to help feed the world!

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